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Agras T40 Drone Kit Includes:

  • Agras T-40 Drone
  • Agras T-40 Smart Charger
  • 3x Agras T-40 Batteries
  • Battery Cooling Station
  • Agras T-40 Spreader System
  • Parts and Operations Kit (Includes the following)
    • Half set of spare propellers (1 U CW, 1 U CCW, 1 L CW and 1 L CCW)
    • 2x WB37 External RC batteries
    • 65W Fast charging block
    • WB37 2 port charging station
    • 50A splitter adapter for fast charging
    • DJI D12000i Charging extension cable with battery cooler fan adapter. 

DJI Agras T40 Drone Kit

SKU: 364115376135191
$31,393.00 Regular Price
$28,894.00Sale Price
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    137 Exemption (44807) Assistance

    Duro Max 13000 Dual fuel generator

  • Shipping is included in pricing.

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